Sophrology offers tools and strategies for everyone to deal positively with life’s events by using their inner resources. It is practised through breathing, relaxation, concentration, meditation and simple movements. Easy to practise, the method can be used by anyone, including young children.

Sophrology aims to help you live more consciously with your body and mind in harmony. Guided by the sophrologist, you learn exercises to relax, to respond more selectively to stressful events, to be more aware of your inner resources, strengths and personal values. You will be attentive to your body sensations throughout the process.

Four to five sessions/classes are needed to master the basic techniques. You are asked to practice the techniques every day for 10 to 20 minutes. The more practice, the more efficient the techniques become. The ultimate aim is to develop the skills so that you can use the techniques on your own whenever needed in your daily life.

Sophrology has recently been recognised by the Complementary Medical Association and the Institute of Complementary and Natural Medicine.
What are the benefits of Sophrology?

  • Learn how to relax and let go
  • Improve ability to cope with stress
  • Regulate sleep and energy levels
  • Improve health & immune system
  • Reinforce self-awareness
  • Develop a positive sense of self
  • Improve concentration & memory
  • Prepare for stressful events
  • Improve self-confidence