Why Us?

Stepping Stones aims to set new standards in natural health care. Our clinic in Clapham Junction was our first step towards creating a new concept in natural health clinics; Clinics with qualified, experienced practitioners; Clinics created to offer a special environment for the delivery of treatment; And clinics that evolve, always looking for new ways to offer the best in care for our customers.

We’re now proud to have a total of three clinics across London, located in Clapham Junction, Crouch Hill & our latest clinic in Canary Wharf. All our clinics are conveniently located near stations and parking facilities.

From the moment you walk through the door, you'll understand what we are about. Our clinics are somewhere special for you to get the very best in natural health care, to treat problems, to re-energise and to be pampered, easing away the stresses and strains of modern life.


We live in a modern, fast paced world, and over the years our clients lives have got busier and sometimes fitting in some "me time", is not always easy. So to help, most of our clinics are open 7 days a week and offer appointments till late evenings. Additionally, you can book appointments online, over the phone / email or via our very own mobile app.

Our Therapists

What really makes our care clinics so special are the people who work for us! We understand that our clients receive the best care, when treated by therapists who are experienced, well qualified, and also share our core values. All our therapists are recruited subject to completing a high standard of professional training, are appropriately registered, insured and hold a valid Enhanced DBS check.

Spa Quality & High Street Prices

We understand that investing in your long-term health, can be expensive. Gym memberships, health insurance and treatments all add up. Hence, our treatments are competitively priced and clients are able to commit to their long-term health, without the financial burden. Our Stepping Stones Pass - a unique subscription service, that provides you with two monthly treatments of your choice at reduced rate. Additionally, as our clinics are registered with all major insurance companies, our clients are able to utilise any work or personal health insurance plans they may have.

Our Vision & Values

Care | Passion | Excellence
It takes only three words to describe the core values Stepping Stones stands for: Care, Passion, and Excellence. As words, these terms are simple; however, delivering them as part of a value system that is intrinsic to how we behave, work and define our organisation requires focus and commitment from every individual.
The core values are aspirations - they capture our commitment to move Stepping Stones forward for the benefit of our clients, therapists and community as well as for us as an organisation.
By embracing our values each day, our staff & therapists can ensure that we always provide our clients the very best in natural health care, that we respect and value our clients, and that we can consistently achieve a level of performance that allows us to set ourselves apart.


We pave the way for our clients to reach & maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle by fostering sustainable relations and mutual understanding.


We are passionate about our client’s wellbeing and committed to helping them achieve their goals. We foster a culture of openness, positivity and enthusiasm.


We take an extremely client-centric approach, and give our clients access to highly qualified and experienced practitioners.